Balance Exercises for Parkinson’s

(Author’s Note: Oops, I pressed the button to publish this article and video compilation before it was complete. Please consider it a work in progress.)

Balance Training is not a Parkinson’s specific issue, it is an issue for everyone as they age.

Selecting the appropriate balance exercises will depend on how good your balance currently is. There are many factors that affect balance, and it can be argued that all leg strengthening and core strengthening and flexibility exercises are, in a way, balance exercises.

I’ve highlighted a few videos that provide ideas to consider when selecting balance exercises. If you watch the videos, you’ll notice the final video seems out of place. That is because I have a theory that many Parkinson’s balance issues are related to turning difficulties. Improving neck flexibility (the first video) and adding resistance to trunk/ab twists (the last video) are two exercises that help improve turning deficiencies.

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