BBC reporter Rory Cellan-Jones urges ‘openness’ on Parkinson’s

BBC News reporter Rory Cellan-Jones was reporting from Covent Garden, giving a report as  the first ever news broadcast using a public 5G network in the UK. After millions of viewers tuned in to watch the event on BBC Breakfast, a handful of people noticed his shaky hand. Their comments prompted the journalist to reveal that it was a physical symptom of his recently diagnosed Parkinson’s Disease. Cellan-Jones wrote on Twitter: “A couple of people have noticed my hand shaking in my live 5G broadcast today. So seems a good time to reveal that I’ve recently been diagnosed with Parkinson’s. I’m getting good treatment and the symptoms are mild right now – so I’m carrying on as normal. Onwards and upwards!” His diagnosis and openness in discussing Parkinson’s Disease is inspiring others:

Update: July 4, 2019

Parkinson’s Life has a great article where Rory Cellan-Jones discusses his diagnosis, and his experience of “going public” with the diagnosis: “I knocked out a tweet and within half an hour my feed was going mad”

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