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  • June 13th, Surgery Day
    Warning: Graphic surgical photo included. We arrive at the Tucson Medical Center at 8:30am and get in the Valet Parking line. The attendant arrives and we head inside. We go up to the outpatient surgery floor, I get checked in and pay my co-pay. The hospital wants their money before surgery. I no sooner get done and my name is being ... read more
    Source: Parkinson’s HumorPublished on 2019-06-18
  • Genetics in PD – More Than What You Inherit
    By Hugh Johnston   Not all genetic causes of PD are inherited; some are likely associated with somatic genetic mutations.  Unfortunately, we do not have a good idea of how large the impact of somatic mutation is in PD, nor do we have an effective test to identify the mosaic of somatic mutations in any given patient.  It is good ... read more
    Source: Tomorrow EditionPublished on 2019-06-18By Benjamin
  • I Could Have Waited…
    I could have waited to schedule my DBS for Parkinson's IPG replacement surgery. My battery was still at 2.57V and it might be months before it dropped to 2.20V and stopped working. Then again, it might drop really fast. It's the unpredictability that bothered me. Back in January of 2019, when I realized it would need to be replaced soon, I would have been ... read more
    Source: Parkinson’s HumorPublished on 2019-06-17
  • Does the Parkinson’s Profile Exist?
    I have been fortunate to meet hundreds of people over these thirty plus years with Parkinson’s disease (PD) at numerous events. After a while, you notice more and more about yourself and those around you. It’s a question that I have been asking for years: Is there a firm personality profile, specifically for people who […] ... read more
    Source: A Soft Voice In A Noisy WorldPublished on 2019-06-17By Karl Robb
  • In Addition to a Cure for Parkinson’s, What Else Do We Really Want?
    We all want something in life. We want to win the lottery or find our perfect mate. For those of us with a chronic illness, we’d be more than satisfied with a cure for our disease.  Until we find a cure for Parkinsons’s disease, I’ve compiled a list of things that might help people with the disease to live with ... read more
    Source: Parkinson’s News Today (Columns)Published on 2019-06-17By Sherri Woodbridge
  • Why did I take the prednisone?
    I started this blog post a few days ago. I usually finish and send out immediately. This time I just couldn’t get it done. I didn’t feel good enough to finish the article. When I started writing, I was on a business trip, on an island, having day-long meetings for three straight days. I was really looking forward to this ... read more
    Source: Laughing My Way Through Parkinson’s (Ellen Bookman)Published on 2019-06-16By Ellen Bookman
  • Ah I know someone with glasses like that _ spoken blog
    Mariette Robijn Aaah I know someone with glasses like that….. The post Ah I know someone with glasses like that _ spoken blog appeared first on ... read more
    Source: Writing Smiles and Tears – Parkinson’s Blogs by Mariëtte RobijnPublished on 2019-06-16By marietterobijn
  • How to find local support, exercise, speech therapists, physical therapists, and clinical trials
    Here is where doctors, patients, and care partners can find local resources easily and quickly:To find a local PD support group, use Google.  Enter support Parkinson's your-state-name (or your city name)To find local exercise PD exercise groups, use Google.  Enter  exercise Parkinson's your-state-name.If you live in Connecticut, information about support and exercise has already been compiled.To find local physical therapists ... read more
    Source: Parkie SupportPublished on 2019-06-15By Fran Lo
  • The Link Between Compassionate Support and Wellness
    It has been rough going recently, after I acquired a “legally blind” diagnosis on top of Parkinson’s disease. It has been a month, and part of the reason I am back to column writing so soon is because of the compassionate support I received, which was freely given. It has made a big difference in my life. This compassionate support ... read more
    Source: Parkinson’s News Today (Columns)Published on 2019-06-14By Dr. C
  • Woolnough pens book about living with Parkinson’s
    By Ben Olson Reader Staff A former educator and principal of Sandpoint High School from 1992-2001, A.C. Woolnough is well-versed with the written word as a powerful form of expression. …The post Woolnough pens book about living with Parkinson’s appeared first on Sandpoint Reader. ... read more
    Source: Shake, Rattle and Roll by A.C. WoolnoughPublished on 2019-06-13By Lyndsie Kiebert
  • 10 Strange Facts About Parkinson’s Disease
    I was watching a 3 night special on the Ebola Virus, compliments of the National Geographic network. It’s like seeing a scary movie on television and you know that it will give you nightmares, but you still take a peak… I couldn’t look away.  I tunned in every night learning all the ways that the Ebola virus was so strange. ... read more
    Source: The Perky ParkiePublished on 2019-06-13By PerkyParkie
  • Harnessing the Power of Music
    A proud, black piano stands in my parents’ living room. It’s the foundation of our home. From behind the sleek mahogany panels, fury, sadness, and happiness express themselves without judgment. My operatic brother sings his troubles away. My mom, a lifelong piano teacher, often alludes to the power of music because it isn’t just a creative outlet. It’s a mood-setter. ... read more
    Source: Parkinson’s News Today (Columns)Published on 2019-06-12By Mary Beth Skylis
  • Are You the Light in Someone’s Darkness?
    I attend my boxing class twice a week. Regardless of whether she is having a good or not-so-good day, Kathy, another woman in my class, will be smiling. Not only will she be smiling, but she will be giving away words of encouragement. I often hear her thanking one of the coaches or the occasional volunteers for something they have ... read more
    Source: Parkinson’s News Today (Columns)Published on 2019-06-12By Sherri Woodbridge
  • Sinemet Has Left the Building
    A recent Merck product status report shows that Sinemet 25-100 is on backorder, with no current availability date. I have been on Sinemet 25-100 for almost a year now. When my pharmacy called me to say there was no more Sinemet for my refill, I was devastated. Generic carbidopa/levodopa (C/L) had made me nauseated when I’d tried it in the ... read more
    Source: Parkinson’s News Today (Columns)Published on 2019-06-11By Jean Mellano
  • My Wedding Verse of Courage Can Be Our Parkinson’s Pep Talk
    I can’t believe that it’s been almost 39 years since I got married. July 4, 1980, was the day I obtained my independence. Sort of. When the pastor was preparing for our wedding ceremony with my soon-to-be husband and me, he asked if we would like to include a particular biblical passage as our “life verse.” We chose some verses ... read more
    Source: Parkinson’s News Today (Columns)Published on 2019-06-10By Sherri Woodbridge
  • What happens at a clinical trial screening?
    I've found a whole group of webinars about clinical trials that I have found both interesting and informative.  Presenters often include professionals who help run trials.This latest addresses what happens during a clinical trial screening - this is where the researchers find out if you meet their needs, and you find out more details so you can decide whether to ... read more
    Source: Parkie SupportPublished on 2019-06-10By Fran Lo
  • Fear and Loathing in Kyoto
      We were somewhere on the edge of the Karasuma subway line when the agonists started to take hold…   It has been three days since the 5th World Parkinson’s Congress in Kyoto wrapped, what is left is a whirlwind of memories that are impossible to put in order. I’ve decided against any attempt at a narrative, instead here are ... read more
    Source: Tomorrow EditionPublished on 2019-06-09By Benjamin
  • More thoughts on the WPC: Diet and Nutrition
    One of the best sessions I attended was Microbiome and the Diet in PD. There were many sessions this year that focused on Microbiomes and the theory that alpha-synuclein actually starts its devastating journey in the gut and eventually travels upward to the brain in PD. The first speaker, Dr. Viviane Labrie, of the Van Andel Institute, addressed ... read more
    Source: Twitchy WomanPublished on 2019-06-08By skrischer
  • What would James Parkinson have made of it all?
    Friday 7 June 2019I am sitting on a bullet train speeding from Kyoto to Tokyo at 300 km/h, pondering all that I have learnt and experienced over the past 5 days (which incidentally, feel more like 5 weeks - see previous post here) at the World Parkinson Congress.In April 1817, a progressive and talented, but nevertheless relatively unknown doctor from London's ... read more
    Source: Shaking Steven – Living with YOPDPublished on 2019-06-08By Unknown
  • Sadness. Stress. PD. Not a good combo.
    I hate weeks like this one. — filled with sadness, a stiff body, a horrible cough and work. Lots of of sadness, stiffness, coughing and work. I am sad because we lost our beloved 13 1/2 year old golden retriever. I am stiff — well, I have no idea why I am so stiff —so I make up reasons. Is ... read more
    Source: Laughing My Way Through Parkinson’s (Ellen Bookman)Published on 2019-06-07By Ellen Bookman
  • My paper at WPC 5 – What the guinea pigs really want
    Here is the text for my recent presentation at the 5th World Parkinson Congress in Japan. WHAT DO THE GUINEA PIGS REALLY WANT? INTRODUCTION My job is to give the patient view of clinical trials. In fact, there is one word that sums up the ... read more
    Source: ParkieNews.comPublished on 2019-06-06By parkie
  • World Parkinson Congress (WPC) 2019 in Kyoto!
    WPC Kyoto 2019 I have had the good fortune to attend 3 World Parkinson Congresses: DC, Montreal, Portland. The 5th Congress has been taking place in Kyoto, Japan #WPC2019. I have been listening to their official podcasts and highly recommend the first three days of podcasts: They are quite well done! The @WorldPDCongress brings the […] ... read more
    Source: A Soft Voice In A Noisy WorldPublished on 2019-06-06By Karl Robb
  • World Parkinson Congress
    Thursday 6 June 2019I think this week has already changed my life.Wow. What a great event and what a roller coaster week.  And to think I'm only half way through the conference.So much to talk about, but I'll focus on three themes.The badDay 1 was an emotional experience and a mixture of disappointment and inspiration.Firstly there's the shock of seeing ... read more
    Source: Shaking Steven – Living with YOPDPublished on 2019-06-06By Unknown
  • It Began with a Crane
    Hope makes you forget all the difficult hours Soichiro Honda The 5th World Parkinson’s Congress opened tonight in Kyoto, Japan. With about 3000 in attendance, from 55 countries, the opening session was joyous and tearful. The opening video began with a Crane swooping down into Kyoto. The Crane, in Japanese culture, represents hope. And much of the evening centered around ... read more
    Source: Twitchy WomanPublished on 2019-06-05By skrischer
  • Strategies to Combat Freezing in Parkinson’s Patients
    Freezing” is when an individual suddenly feels like they’re glued to the ground. Parkinson’s disease patients often experience freezing during the late stages of the disease. It can occur while the person is in motion or after they’ve been stationary and then attempt to move. It’s associated with complicated movements like dodging obstacles or getting up from a chair. The ... read more
    Source: Parkinson’s News Today (Columns)Published on 2019-06-05By Mary Beth Skylis
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