Control You, Control Your Parkinson’s

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What if there’s a way to ensure Parkinson’s never has control over us again? Is this possible?

The mind is often our biggest enemy. Alternatively, it can be trained to serve…

The thing with Parkinson’s is the loss of control – the slow, constant erosion of execution of our will, and resulting deferral to Parkinson’s.

We want to move easily. We can’t.

We want to be pain-free. We’re not.

We want to sleep well. We don’t.

We want to connect with the people around us. We won’t.

Controlling Our Own Suffering.

When we control our suffering, as opposed to letting suffering control us, it’s like a 180° shift in living.

Controlled suffering empowers us. Capitulated suffering, or allowing external forces to dictate suffering, drains us of our vitality.

Control your suffering by controlling your thoughts.

If Parkinson’s wants to lock your body up in a chair when it’s time to exercise, then decide you want to relax in the chair and meditate.

If Parkinson’s wants to keep you wide-awake at two in the morning, then decide that happens to be the time you want to quietly watch a movie or catch up on laundry. Whatever. You’re in control!

When Parkinson’s wants to cause you pain, decide that a little pain is necessary to empathize with others. Then complete that notion by taking action when pain subsides.  It will.

Mind Games?

Is this just all mind games? Unsustainable in reality?

As if we aren’t all already living in our own version of reality 24/7? Everything is already as we perceive it to be!

Perspective shifts can be subconscious or conscious. They can be ever-evolving, serving us, not Parkinson’s.

I may not have have control over the duration or intensity of my immobility, for example. But I have complete control over my response to it.

A Process, Always a Process

How do you get to this place of constant ownership of self?

How the hell would I know? Like anything, though, it’s a conditioning process, isn’t it?

Implementing small doses of controlled sacrifice/suffering, i.e., willfully skipping a meal, pushing back a dose of medication, or foregoing dessert.  Controlled sacrifice/suffering every day, gradually scaling upward.

Dealing with sacrifice becomes so commonplace and subconscious that it’s no longer painful. Instead we feel powerful.

Parkinson’s Under Control

How do some people face extraordinary hardship and remain content, even thrive, while others have paths of ease yet never attain peace or fulfillment?

Our comfortable lives of historic proportion are causing us discomfort, disharmony, sometimes flat-out misery. Choosing our own suffering could well be the key to the  life we’ve long sought.

At the very least, owning our suffering rather than serving at Parkinson’s behest could transform our perspective of living with chronic, degenerative illness.

I wrote this piece while holding my breath. Kidding, of course.  But I do hereby issue a one-hour challenge to my full bladder! (Moderation has always been my struggle.)

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