Every Day is Opening Day

I decide how I will live life to the fullest despite Parkinson’s disease. I control my thoughts, which in turn control my emotions, which in turn control my actions.

Video transcript:

This is not a Parkinson’s dance class. There’s not even music.

It’s a makeshift medical clinic in Uganda. Many of these people or family members will be diagnosed with Parkinson’s or something else.

Yet they sing and dance. Genuinely. Joyfully.

If they’re able to be joyful despite their situation, I can damn sure be joyful in mine.

Minds are powerful.

There’s power in giving. When felt, something about the act empowers both giver and receiver. Whether blessed through giving or just believing I’m blessed through giving, results are the same.

Giving more and fearing less bolsters faith.

More Feeling, less thinking allows letting go and engaging with what’s in front of me.

How can I receive what I’m unable to give?

I counter Parkinson’s with more focus on what I love. More love for what I focus on.

Certain things I’m determined to keep. Some things are sacred.

Borrowing a baseball analogy, every day is Opening Day. Why does it have to be only once a year? I decide my approach to life. My answers lie within.

Living like every day is opening day is a choice. Beats living every day as a Parkinson’s day.

I don’t have to beat Parkinson’s, slow it’s progression or anything else. I only want to be my best me.

Believe in yourself. It’s in you.

What? Find out.

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