Mirror uses AI to perform routine remote evaluation of PD symptoms (Lookinglass)

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      Mirror, mirror on the wall,
      Who’s the shakiest of them all?

      Potentially interesting tech being developed in Adelaide, Australia…a mirror that can assess the severity of symptoms of Parkinson’s Disease in the home.

      The mirror, called Lookinglass, has a display that is visible through the mirror, which asks the user to complete a set of evaluation exercises based on standardized tests used to assess Parkinson’s Disease severity. The key technology is the camera vision system that uses AI to track movement and provides an automated assessment that is then shared with health professionals.

      It’s a little creepy to think that your bathroom mirror is not only watching you, but also evaluating you…

      The idea is that this could be potentially useful for regular testing of patients who live alone or in more remote areas. I could see where this might be useful in assisted living facilities to provide more frequent evaluation between formal medical assessments.

      The developer hopes to have an advanced prototype ready for next January’s Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas.

      More information from a local news article: http://theleadsouthaustralia.com.au/industries/health/ai-mirror-monitors-alzheimers-and-parkinsons/

      Eventually, I’d also expect to see info on the company website: http://lookinglass.co

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