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      Brett Warthen

      Parkinson’s patients who passed on Azilect due to cost (and price gouging by the manufacturer) may want to reconsider with a generic available since January 2017 (Rasagaline Mesylate).

      In a retrospective analysis by Hauser et al. in the Journal of Parkinson’s Disease, researchers looked at the results from a large study and found that participants who received an MAO-B inhibitor for a longer period of time experienced slower clinical decline. Read more here:

      Extended Use of MAO-B Inhibitors Slows Decline in Parkinson’s Disease Patients

      After adjusting for identifiable confounding factors, investigators identified a significant association between longer duration of MAO-B inhibitor exposure and slower clinical decline. A one year increase in duration of MAO-B inhibitor exposure was associated with a benefit equivalent in magnitude to approximately 20% of the annual decline in Activities of Daily Living, Ambulatory Capacity, and Global Disability observed in participants not receiving an MAO-B inhibitor. These findings support the possibility that MAO-B inhibitors slow clinical disease progression.

      Positive outcomes from Azilect were also reported last year in the Patient-Reported Outcomes in PD (PRO-PD) survey conducted by Bastyr University. This was a self-reported survey that asked PwP about their diet, exercise and supplement regimens, and correlates this information with a self-assessment of PD progression.

      PRO-PD Poster Results

      More information on the PRO-PD survey here:

      Patient reported outcomes in Parkinson’s disease (PRO-PD) rating scale validation

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