My Last 5% Are Giving Me 110%

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Conventional wisdom holds that far more than half of my dopamine-producing neurons were dead by the time of my Parkinson’s diagnosis in 2008. I’m guessing that death toll has risen to about 95% now.

The remaining 5% (+/-) of my dopamine neurons probably don’t like me much. I’m not sure they really understand that Parkinson’s isn’t my fault, and I suspect they hold me responsible for not taking care of 95% of their friends and colleagues…not to mention the increased workload. Regardless, I like all of my body parts to give me 110%, especially my last 5% of dopa neurons.

Quite often, when I really need it, I find myself summoning forth dopamine where there was previously none…

I’m not a scientist, so I don’t actually know what I’m summoning or where it’s coming from. I’m just creating positive thoughts and feelings that seem really good at getting things moving again.

Have you ever tried anything like this? When you find yourself slowing down, I think it’s worth a shot. Like me, you may not get style points for resulting movement, but I’m quite certain that any style-producing neurons are among the first to go.

Here’s some of yesterday’s dopa production, courtesy of the night shift:

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