Oddities and Opportunities in Movement During Parkinson’s Off Periods

When my PD medication wears off, I struggle. But there are times that I actually enjoy the challenge of moving that I face after 11 years of living with PD.

There’s a reason they recommend exercising when your medication is working and you are on. But, I also find satisfaction in challenging my body when the meds wear off.

There are a surprising number of ways around my body’s persuasive argument that it just can’t do what I’m asking it to. Unfortunately, it’s rarely easy. Falling can, and sometimes does occur, and I try to learn from it.

As the disease continues to progress, so will my knowledge and persevering spirit – as will my compassion.

My hope is to be prepared to understand and help anyone maintain movement in the fashion most beneficial for them. Fluidity feels very, very nice. Stagnation feels like death.

This evening, I put my Parkinson’s Defensive Coordinator coaching skills to use in order to analyze game tapes of my “off periods”. It’s not always pretty…and it’s far from consistent, but I’m still learning.

[Editor’s Note: Gavin Mogan is a Defensive Coordinator at Your Move Fitness.]

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