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  • A Journey Through a Thousand Gates
    Three years ago, I attended my first World Parkinson’s Congress (WPC) in Portland, Oregon. It went by in a blur. I had been recently diagnosed and I could barely take it in, but many things left an impression. Like the hallway displaying larger-than-life photographs of faces of people living with Parkinson’s. The wellness events filled with dancing and music. The ... read more
    Source: World Parkinson CongressPublished on 2019-10-18By Brittany Marti
  • Jess Challenges Herself with a Half Marathon and Honours her Dad’s Memory
    Our hero this week is Jess who ran the Melbourne Marathon on the weekend to honour her Dad. As a health professional, Jess is eager to help find a cure for others with Parkinson’s.
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    Source: Shake It Up AustraliaPublished on 2019-10-17By admin
  • Plates for Parkinson’s Nutritional Info
    Five incredible Portland restaurants are participating in the third annual Plates for Parkinson’s! Plates for Parkinson’s is an annual event that highlights healthy menu options for some of Portland’s finest restaurants. Check out the nutritional information from a selection of menu options that will be featured at the third annual event on Friday, October 18 from 6-9pm at Urban ... read more
    Source: Brian Grant FoundationPublished on 2019-10-17By Katrina Kahl
  • Another Ambroxol-like Drug for Treating Parkinson’s?
    Tiny variations in DNA are associated with approximately 20% of Parkinson's cases. One of the most common genetic risk factor occurs in a region of DNA called the GBA gene. This sequence of DNA provides the instructions for producing an enzyme - called GCase - which cells use to break down and dispose of waste and unwanted products in cells. ... read more
    Source: The Cure Parkinson’s TrustPublished on 2019-10-17
  • Musical therapy study to receive $20 million in funding
    The National Institutes of Health (NIH) is donating US $20 million to a medical trial researching the effects of musical therapy on brain conditions, including Parkinson’s. The trial will be carried out by the Sound Health initiative, a joint partnership between the NIH and The John F Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts. The initiative was created to expand current ... read more
    Source: Parkinson’s Life EUPublished on 2019-10-17By admin
  • Are UK hospitals safe for people with Parkinson’s?
    A new report by charity Parkinson’s UK has found that more than two thirds of hospital patients with Parkinson’s do not receive their medication on time – and calls for mandatory training to make hospitals a ‘safer’ place for people living with the condition People with Parkinson’s are “unsafe” in UK hospitals, according to a new report from charity Parkinson’s UK. ... read more
    Source: Parkinson’s Life EUPublished on 2019-10-17By admin
  • Parkinson’s UK to launch largest CBD oil trial in the world
    A pioneering new trial – one of the largest of its kind in the world – is set to test cannabis oil as a treatment for Parkinson’s-related psychosis and hallucinations A pioneering new clinical trial will test the efficacy of cannabis oil as a potential treatment for Parkinson’s.  Led by charity Parkinson’s UK – who invested UK £1.2 million into ... read more
    Source: Parkinson’s Life EUPublished on 2019-10-17By admin
  • Webinar Registration: Cognition and How It Relates to Other Non-Motor Symptoms with Dr. Jennifer G. Goldman
    Non-motor symptoms of Parkinson’s are common and to some degree affect most people living with Parkinson’s. These symptoms affect cognition, behavior, sleep, autonomic function and sensory function and may become more pronounced as Parkinson’s progresses, deeply impacting a person’s quality of life. In this webinar on Wednesday, October 30th at 9 am Pacific, Dr. Goldman will address: Causes of and management of ... read more
    Source: Davis Phinney FoundationPublished on 2019-10-17By Melani Dizon
  • Grab a Sketchbook and live well with Parkinson’s
    Written by Lorraine Wilson, Davis Phinney Foundation Ambassador Anyone who has visited the Davis Phinney Foundation website,  attended The Victory Summit® event or spoken to just one Foundation Ambassador, learns quickly that the Foundation’s mission is to help people with Parkinson’s live well today. With that in mind, what does wellness even mean and how on earth can sketchbooks help you ... read more
    Source: Davis Phinney FoundationPublished on 2019-10-16By Chris DiStefano
  • Why should I go to a Parkinson’s disease support group?
    Why should I go to a Parkinson’s disease support group? Support groups play a vital role in the lives of many people with Parkinson’s disease (PD) and APDA plays a vital role in providing access to support groups around the country. In general terms, a support group is a collection of participants who meet on a regular basis, facilitated by ... read more
    Source: American Parkinson Disease AssociationPublished on 2019-10-15By Dr. Rebecca Gilbert
  • Good Communication: The Foundation of Connection and Understanding
    Effective communication is the essence of a good relationship.  We all want to be heard and understood.  Communication is a two-way process and becomes even more important when Parkinson’s disease (PD) is part of the equation.   Effective communication between couples that are living with a chronic illness has been shown to reduce stress and improve coping strategies due to increased ... read more
    Source: World Parkinson CongressPublished on 2019-10-14By Julie Carter RN, MN, ANP
  • MIRO – A New Biomarker for Parkinson’s?
    Researchers at Stanford University in the US looking for new biomarkers of Parkinson's, recently identified a protein called MIRO that in initial data very accurately identifies people with the condition. MIRO is a small protein that attaches to small structures inside our cells called mitochondria. Mitochondria are the power stations of cells, providing the energy for most biological activity. They ... read more
    Source: The Cure Parkinson’s TrustPublished on 2019-10-14
  • Parkinson’s, Flu Shots & You
    October signals the beginning of influenza season, a time when many wonder, “Should I get a flu shot?”. The short answer is, yes, but for people living with Parkinson’s, there can be additional concerns or questions. Let’s take a look at what you and your care team can do to prepare for the 2019-2020 flu season. Who Should Get a ... read more
    Source: Davis Phinney FoundationPublished on 2019-10-11By Chris DiStefano
  • Andy’s Trek of the Larapinta Provides Reflection and Motivation
    Only recently diagnosed with Young Onset Parkinson’s, Andy braved the Larapinta Trail with our Trek for Treatment participants in August. But it was not the physical aspects Andy found challenging – the trip became an emotive experience of reflection and goal setting for the ... read more
    Source: Shake It Up AustraliaPublished on 2019-10-10By admin
  • The Simvastatin Study Protocol
    This week researchers from the University of Plymouth published the study protocol of the ongoing PD STAT clinical trial, which is evaluating the disease modifying potential of the cholesterol-lowering drug simvastatin in 230 people with Parkinson's. This is yet another example of CPT's clinical study testing a re-purposed medication for Parkinson's within the Linked Clinical Trials initiative. Simvastatin belongs to ... read more
    Source: The Cure Parkinson’s TrustPublished on 2019-10-10
  • Parkinson’s in Barbados is “overshadowed by other conditions”
    In the latest in our ‘In My Country’ series, we talk to Cherry Vogt-Ward (centre), the president of The Barbados Parkinson’s Trust and Support Group. She shares how her team hopes to raise awareness about the condition through education, explains how celebrities like Michael J Fox have got people “asking questions” – and sheds light on the unique issues ... read more
    Source: Parkinson’s Life EUPublished on 2019-10-10By admin
  • Sexuality and Intimacy for People with Parkinson’s and Their Care Partners
    We recently had the pleasure of sitting down with Dr. Sheila Silver to talk about sexuality and intimacy for people with Parkinson’s and their care partners.  Dr. Sheila Silver is a trained sex counselor, group facilitator, workshop leader, professional speaker, sex educator and board-certified clinical sexologist with a private practice in Portland, Oregon.  She has given talks on Intimacy and Parkinson’s for ... read more
    Source: Davis Phinney FoundationPublished on 2019-10-10By Melani Dizon
  • Parkinson’s and depression: it’s not all in your mind
    Depression is a very real and debilitating condition that many Parkinson’s disease sufferers experience. Our guest writer Dr Nicola Davies explores the causes of and treatments for depression and Parkinson’s. It’s well-documented that people who have been diagnosed with a chronic illness such as Parkinson’s are at higher risk of developing depression as well. Indeed, it’s estimated that 50% of ... read more
    Source: Parkinson’s Life EUPublished on 2019-10-10By admin
  • The Grouse & Grape Luncheon 2019
    (The G&G Committee: Michael Shelton-Agar, Jamie Moyes, Stephen Moore, CPT's Helen Matthews, Michael Maslinski, Rupert Phelps, CPT's Rick Lay, Guy Beech, Harry Corbett and Marks Somers) The ninth annual Grouse & Grape Luncheon was held on Tuesday 8 October at the historic Spencer House, and attracted 300 guests who raised over £35,000 (net) for The Cure Parkinson’s Trust (CPT). For the fourth year running, ... read more
    Source: The Cure Parkinson’s TrustPublished on 2019-10-10
  • The Bydureon Phase lll Trial to Begin Recruiting
    Recruitment is starting for the next phase of the Exenatide-PD trial to determine in a larger cohort whether this diabetes treatment (known as a GLP-1 agonist) can slow down disease progression in Parkinson’s. This phase III efficacy trial is the next stage in this programme of trials to determine whether this drug is a beneficial treatment for people with Parkinson's. ... read more
    Source: The Cure Parkinson’s TrustPublished on 2019-10-10
  • More Evidence for Inflammation’s Role in Parkinson’s Disease
    New findings from a study funded in part by The Michael J. Fox Foundation (MJFF) are drawing connections between genetics, inflammation and the gut in Parkinson’s. Deeper understanding of the relationship between these pathways can help researchers better define, measure, and treat disease.Scientists are ... read more
    Source: Shake It Up AustraliaPublished on 2019-10-10By admin
  • Exercising Safely with Parkinson’s & nOH
    Exercise is critical to living well with Parkinson’s. The benefits from regular, physical exercise include improved sleep, increased endorphins that minimize depression and a reduction in bradykinesia, just to name a few. Exercise also decreases blood pressure. High blood pressure is linked to a number of health concerns. By exercising regularly, your heart becomes stronger and better able to pump ... read more
    Source: Davis Phinney FoundationPublished on 2019-10-08By Chris DiStefano
  • Podcast: Thinking and Memory Problems with Parkinson’s
    Many people often think of memory when they talk about cognition, but what other functions are affected? Our Vice President of Medical Communications, Dr. Rachel Dolhun, moderates a conversation with Ava Butler, the wife of ... read more
    Source: Shake It Up AustraliaPublished on 2019-10-07By admin
  • Can wearable technology improve clinic visits or clinical trials?
    The world of smart devices and wearable technology has exploded over the past decade. From a watch that can take phone calls to a refrigerator that can order groceries to Siri, Alexa, and Google Assistant, our interactions with technology occur around the clock. There are many apps and devices that millions of people already use to track daily behaviors, from ... read more
    Source: World Parkinson CongressPublished on 2019-10-07By Corinne Jones, PhD, CCC-SLP
  • The Nortriptyline Trial – the facts
    YouTube Video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nZ3LOV3FU-o What is Nortriptyline and why is this drug important in CPT's research programme? Nortriptyline belongs to a class of antidepressant drugs called 'tricyclics'. As Parkinson’s affects the whole brain and not just the movement-related centres, it also causes a range of symptoms which include mood and emotional regulation. Indeed, depression constitutes one of the major non-motor symptoms affecting ... read more
    Source: The Cure Parkinson’s TrustPublished on 2019-10-07
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