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  • “I hope viewers laugh, cry and have a little dance in their seats”
    Three years on from the making of ‘Ecstasy’, we catch up with director Grant Taylor to hear how the Parkinson’s community has responded to the short film – and why he hopes positive stories around disability and care can help “give them the motivation to keep going” Nearly three years ago, we delved into the inspiring story behind ‘Ecstasy’ – a ... read more
    Source: Parkinson’s Life EUPublished on 2023-05-25By admin
  • Brian’s Corner: May 2023
    As an athlete, I’ve always known how important it is to take time to rest and recover. You’re stronger when you do.  This became even more clear to me when I was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease. We often talk about “on time” with PD (it’s even the name of our podcast). “On time” is when you’re feeling good and able ... read more
    Source: Brian Grant FoundationPublished on 2023-05-22By Danielle
  • Good News About Bad Seeds
    There has been a lot of talk recently about “seeds” and “seeding assays” in Parkinson disease. What does this mean, and how important are seeds in PD?Much of the interest in seeds has been driven by the recent publication from the Michael J. Fox Foundation Parkinson Progression Marker Initiative (PPMI) study. This is an effort that has been going on ... read more
    Source: World Parkinson CongressPublished on 2023-05-19By David G. Standaert, MD, PhD
  • Vanishing Wheels – the perfect Father’s Day gift celebrating change, renewal and hope
    “Vanishing Wheels” is a photobook by Steve Van Vlaenderen. Proceeds from the sale of the book will be donated to Parkinson Canada to fund research to find a cure for Parkinson’s Disease, with which the photographer and author lives. The book is dedicated to all those living with Parkinson’s Disease and their care partners.   Behind every case ... read more
    Source: Parkinson CanadaPublished on 2023-05-18By Mahreen Khan
  • Parkinson Canada announces over $1.8 million in research competition funding
    Parkinson Canada would like to congratulate applicants who have been awarded funding in 2023 and also acknowledge the hard work and dedication to Parkinson’s research of the many applicants whose applications were highly ranked but did not receive funding. We look forward to continuing to engage with the exceptional Canadian research community and encourage applicants who did not receive funding ... read more
    Source: Parkinson CanadaPublished on 2023-05-18By Mahreen Khan
  • Parkinson’s Resources for International Clinical Trials Day
    May 20th is International Clinical Trials Day, a chance to celebrate how clinical trials improve our health and to learn more about the process of participating in trials. In recognition of this day, we’ve gathered a list of Parkinson’s-specific info so you know what is happening in Parkinson’s clinical trials and how to get involved. 
  • read more
Source: Parkinson CanadaPublished on 2023-05-17By Mahreen Khan
  • Meet Dr. Stephan Grimaldi: an APDA-funded Researcher Working to Use MRI Imaging as a Possible Biomarker for Early Parkinson’s Disease
    A Closer Look: Interview with APDA Researchers  Our A Closer Look blog is designed to educate, inform, and inspire you through a variety of topics and insights about Parkinson’s disease (PD). One way we do that is through our Interview with APDA Researchers series within this blog so you can get a closer look at some of the dedicated APDA-funded researchers who are working ... read more
    Source: American Parkinson Disease AssociationPublished on 2023-05-16By Dr. Rebecca Gilbert
  • Still: A Michael J. Fox Movie is out now
    Michael J Fox is a beloved Canadian actor and author, turned activist after his diagnosis of Parkinson’s at the age of 29. He established the Michael J Fox Foundation for Parkinson’s Research in 2000 which has since become the leading voice for Parkinson’s globally.   Fox’s latest film work, Still, features documentary, archival and scripted elements, ... read more
    Source: Parkinson CanadaPublished on 2023-05-12By Mahreen Khan
  • Becoming a Volunteer Event Coordinator
    If you’re like Ben Smith, Calgary’s SuperWalk Volunteer Event Coordinator, when you receive a Parkinson’s diagnosis, you get motivated to make a difference in the Parkinson’s community. Ben knows his story isn’t unique, and that’s what drives him to work with Parkinson Canada to make Calgary’s SuperWalk a fundraising success and a day of impact for all those who ... read more
    Source: Parkinson CanadaPublished on 2023-05-11By Mahreen Khan
  • Increasing the profile of World Parkinson’s Day
    We explore how organisations around the world marked World Parkinson’s Day this year and why improved awareness and recognition of the event are crucial for those in the community “Many people are unaware that World Parkinson’s Day is still not officially recognised as a global health day,” says Veronica Clark, president of Parkinson’s Europe. Every year on 11 April, World ... read more
    Source: Parkinson’s Life EUPublished on 2023-05-11By admin
  • Parkinson’s Europe co-founder Lizzie Graham wins World Parkinson Coalition award
    Parkinson’s Europe co-founder Lizzie Graham has won a World Parkinson Coalition (WPC) award for her contribution to the Parkinson’s community. Lizzie is one of four people set to receive the Robin Elliott Award – which is given out every three years to individuals whose efforts best embody the goals and ethos of the WPC. She will be presented with the ... read more
    Source: Parkinson’s Life EUPublished on 2023-05-11By admin
  • A tribute to Judi Richardson, Director and Past Chair of the Parkinson Canada Board of Directors
    It is with great sadness that Parkinson Canada mourns the passing of Judi Richardson, Director and Past Chair of the Parkinson Canada Board of Directors.   Judi was a remarkable person with a tireless dedication to causes that were important to her. Her strategic lens, organizational skills and thoughtful ideas have contributed to the success of Parkinson Canada ... read more
    Source: Parkinson CanadaPublished on 2023-05-04By Mahreen Khan
  • Positive results in Alzheimer’s drug brings hope for Parkinson’s therapies.
    This week there is big news in the neurodegeneration therapeutic space. An Alzheimer’s drug, called Donanemab, was shown to significantly slow cognitive decline in a Phase 3 trial of people with early Alzheimer’s. Donanemab, developed by Eli Lilly and Co., targets a misfolded protein in the brains of people with Alzheimer’s. This is similar to Parkinson’s where another protein, called ... read more
    Source: Parkinson CanadaPublished on 2023-05-04By Mahreen Khan
  • My Parkinson’s Journey with James
    This is my story. I’m Alison, or Julian, Geoff, or Rune. I could be Steve or possibly Denise, or even Erik. I am any one of the nine people with Young Parkinson’s (PD) cycling from Brighton to Barcelona for the World Parkinson Congress this summer with James.My travelling companion took his name from James Parkinson who, in 1817, first identified ... read more
    Source: World Parkinson CongressPublished on 2023-05-04By Alison Anderson
  • Who We Are, What We Are Doing To Be Parkinsonauti, What We Believe
    Ma chi siete e che cosa fate, voi Parkinsonauti? Translated using DeepL"Parkinsonauta"; of the first six letters we know the meaning well but adding the word "nauta" here is where the houses change and not a little!!!Nauta means traveler, navigator; ii parkinsonauta, although aware of the limitations that the "jinx" may reserve for him, as a good navigator, faces the ... read more
    Source: World Parkinson CongressPublished on 2023-05-04By Samantha Vizentin
  • Ian Robertson is staying positive with blogs, songs and movement
    Ian Robertson is a man who understands the importance of staying positive. Living in Broderick, Saskatchewan with his family, Ian was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease in 2012 at the age of 56, but he hasn’t let it bring him down. In fact, Ian views Parkinson’s as his superpower and has approached his diagnosis with positivity.  One way ... read more
    Source: Parkinson CanadaPublished on 2023-05-03By Mahreen Khan
  • Common Questions: Understanding the Benefits Physical Therapy & Exercise for Parkinson’s Disease
    Physical Therapy for Parkinson’s Disease Physical therapy and exercise are crucial aspects of Parkinson’s disease (PD) treatment and APDA has many ways to help you get up and moving. Check out our virtual exercise classes Watch our Let’s Keep Moving With APDA webinar series   Many people are curious about why exercise is so important for someone with ... read more
    Source: American Parkinson Disease AssociationPublished on 2023-05-02By Dr. Rebecca Gilbert
  • Parkinson Canada’s Peer-to-Peer Support Program provides connections and support
    Receiving a diagnosis of Parkinson’s disease can be overwhelming and challenging. It’s a journey that comes with unique experiences and uncertainties. However, in the face of such a diagnosis, individuals don’t have to face it alone. Parkinson Canada offers a national Peer-to-Peer Support Program that matches trained volunteer mentors with those who are newly diagnosed or caring for someone ... read more
    Source: Parkinson CanadaPublished on 2023-04-28By Mahreen Khan
  • Healing through the lens
    As a caregiver for her sister with Parkinson’s, Steen (Christina) Starr’s journey was not just a physical task but a deeply emotional and inspirational one. Through a short film, Steen documented the highs and lows of her caregiving journey, showing the world what true love and commitment really mean.   Steen’s journey started even before her sister’s diagnosis, ... read more
    Source: Parkinson CanadaPublished on 2023-04-27By Mahreen Khan
  • Meet some furry friends supporting people with Parkinson’s disease
    To mark National Pet Awareness Month, we talk to four people about how pets have impacted their experience of Parkinson’s, from boosting their mental wellbeing to providing them with “unconditional” love – and why taking on a furry companion needs to be a “thoughtful decision” Did you have pets before or after you were diagnosed with Parkinson’s? Leslie ... read more
    Source: Parkinson’s Life EUPublished on 2023-04-27By admin
  • A holistic and integrated approach to Parkinson’s care
    Over the coming months, we will be sharing highlights from research supported by the Parkinson Canada Research Program. In this first installment, you’ll hear from Dr. Sarah Lidstone whose specialist training was funded by our Clinical Movement Disorder Fellowship. This is one of the only publicly available funding opportunities that allows doctors to pursue specialized training in the field of ... read more
    Source: Parkinson CanadaPublished on 2023-04-26By Mikaela Derksen
  • Parkinson’s impacts young people too
    Manon Day is a remarkable young black woman who has been experiencing Young Onset Parkinson’s disease (YOPD) since her late teens. Her journey with this rare form of Parkinson’s offers a glimpse into some of the issues and preconceptions that people have about Parkinson’s. Many people think of it as a disease affecting primarily older people of European heritage, ... read more
    Source: Parkinson CanadaPublished on 2023-04-25By Lyle Quinn
  • Care partner’s guide to Parkinson’s: Tips for providing the best care
    Parkinson’s can be challenging to manage, not just for the person affected by it, but also for caregivers. Here are some easy-to-follow steps for providing the best care. Educate yourself Learn as much as you can about Parkinson’s, its symptoms, and its progression. Knowing what to expect can help you prepare and provide better care. Establish a routine Parkinson’s can ... read more
    Source: Parkinson CanadaPublished on 2023-04-24By Lyle Quinn
  • Brian’s Corner: April 2023
    Thirteen years ago, I had just been diagnosed with Parkinson’s.  Like many people, when I was first diagnosed, I wanted to support research to find a cure and that was our focus back then. But after the reality of this disease set in, I wanted to find ways to live a good life with Parkinson’s. And while my doctors helped ... read more
    Source: Brian Grant FoundationPublished on 2023-04-21By Danielle
  • Update on Prodromal Parkinson’s
    What is prodromal Parkinson’s?Prodromal Parkinson's refers to the stage wherein early symptoms or signs of Parkinson’s neurodegeneration are present, but classical clinical diagnosis based on fully evolved motor parkinsonism is not yet possible. Prodromal Parkinson’s typically starts up to 20 years before clinical diagnosis. Symptoms can include sleep and memory disturbance, anxiety, depression, bladder and erectile dysfunction, reduced ability to ... read more
    Source: World Parkinson CongressPublished on 2023-04-21By Michele Hu, PhD, MBBS, FRCP
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