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  • Perspectives on the Future of Technologies in the Care of Parkinson’s disease
    We live in a digital world. Technology increasingly influences our individual activities, our choices, and our interactions with others – and is bound to dramatically change living with, and caring for, Parkinson’s disease. Two cornerstones of the integration of technology into the assessment and monitoring of Parkinson’s disease will be the electronic health records (EHRs) and the home-based mobile health ... read more
    Source: World Parkinson CongressPublished on 2019-11-08By Walter Maetzler, MD and Alberto J Espay, MD
  • Move of the Month: Cognitive Training
    April’s Move of the Month focuses on cognitive training to improve the mind body connection that’s so important for mobility. Cognitive decline is a symptom of Parkinson’s that leads to problems with mobility. Cognitive training can help improve cognitive decline and strengthen the mind body connection that supports movement. In this month’s Move of the Month, Nate ... read more
    Source: Brian Grant FoundationPublished on 2019-11-08By Katrina Kahl
  • Our brains need exercise too
    When brain fog has you frustrated, try exercising both your body and mind by incorporating cognitive training during your next workout. It’s common for people living with Parkinson’s disease to experience challenges with their cognition, which is the act of mental processing. Thinking, speaking, understanding, learning, remembering, problem solving—all of these brain activities fall under the cognition umbrella. ... read more
    Source: Brian Grant FoundationPublished on 2019-11-07By Iris
  • £2 million ballet and Parkinson’s study launched
    A new study launched by English National Ballet and university King’s College London, UK, will assess the impact of ballet on Parkinson’s symptoms. Researchers hope that regular lessons – which include voice exercises and dance – will improve fluidity, gait and posture in people living with the condition. The study is part of a wider project, costing in the region ... read more
    Source: Parkinson’s Life EUPublished on 2019-11-07By admin
  • Women and Parkinson’s: ‘My medication only works three weeks out of four’
    In the second in our Women and Parkinson’s series, UK advocate and blogger Omotola Thomas describes the impact menstruation has on her symptoms. From facing heightened emotions that go “way beyond normal PMS”, to struggling to get up and care for her family – her account sheds light on some of the unique challenges faced by women with Parkinson’s I ... read more
    Source: Parkinson’s Life EUPublished on 2019-11-07By admin
  • STAGES: “an honest and human portrayal of Parkinson’s”
    Premiering last week in London’s busy West End, our reporters attended the premier of ‘STAGES’ – a Parkinson’s love story based on a series of true events – to meet the actors and production team behind the film exploring the condition and love “I’m sorry, I just wasn’t born to look after a cripple.” There was a collective gasp from the 100-strong ... read more
    Source: Parkinson’s Life EUPublished on 2019-11-07By admin
  • Dear Parkinson’s Care Partners
    Dear Parkinson’s Care Partner, Being a care partner to someone with Parkinson’s isn’t easy. It takes time, effort, energy and love, and chances are, it’s not what you signed up for. However, if you’re reading this post, no matter how you found yourself in this position, you stand together with hundreds of thousands of people around the world who identify ... read more
    Source: Davis Phinney FoundationPublished on 2019-11-06By Melani Dizon
  • Our Spring Research Update Meeting 2020
    Join us for our Spring 2020 research update meeting in the conference centre at Bentley's London. Save the date - more details to come..! ... read more
    Source: The Cure Parkinson’s TrustPublished on 2019-11-06
  • From denial to determination: Jimmy Choi’s Parkinson’s journey
    Living with Parkinson’s isn’t a choice, but you can choose how you live with it. That’s the philosophy of American Ninja Warrior Jimmy Choi. Jimmy Choi has been living with Parkinson’s disease for 17 years, but he spent the first half of those years in denial. Diagnosed at the age of 27, he was newly married and starting ... read more
    Source: Brian Grant FoundationPublished on 2019-11-05By Iris
  • Interview with ESPN founder Bill Rasmussen
    Interview with ESPN founder Bill Rasmussen Bill Rasmussen, Founder of the sports cable network ESPN, revealed this past summer that he was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease (PD) in 2014 at the age of 81. Since his announcement, he has been determined to spread his dual message of awareness and optimism. Recently, he sat down with Dr. Rebecca Gilbert to share ... read more
    Source: American Parkinson Disease AssociationPublished on 2019-11-05By Dr. Rebecca Gilbert
  • A New Enzyme to Inhibit LRRK2
    Researchers in Dundee (Scotland) and Stanford (USA) have identified a novel method of reducing LRRK2 activity in Parkinson's. Mutations in the gene that codes for the leucine-rich repeat kinase 2 or the LRRK2 gene are a major cause of familial and sporadic (non-familial) Parkinson's. LRRK2 is a complex protein, a part of which acts as an enzyme catalyst and interacts ... read more
    Source: The Cure Parkinson’s TrustPublished on 2019-11-05
  • Widening the Arms of the PD Community
    WPC 2019 in Kyoto… If you were there, you recall the insanity; you remember feeling totally overwhelmed and exhausted; and you recall the sweet medley playing inside you when surrounded by so many different kinds of people with connections to PD. If you weren’t there, you probably heard about it from friends who went and navigated a country in which ... read more
    Source: World Parkinson CongressPublished on 2019-11-04By Karen Raphael, Ph.D
  • Getting fit as a team with Team Grant
    Motivation is a two-way street for people with Parkinson’s and their care partners. Help each other live happily and healthily ever after by seeking opportunities to exercise together. We already know that exercise is the No. 1 tool to help with the cognitive decline that people with Parkinson’s experience as the disease progresses. But it’s also ... read more
    Source: Brian Grant FoundationPublished on 2019-11-04By Iris
  • How to Make a Tax-Free Gift with an IRA to Help More People Live Well with Parkinson’s
    Many people in our community have made charitable contributions to support the Foundation’s programs by making a contribution through their IRA with an IRA Charitable Rollover. This strategy can have tax benefits for you and really helps support our mission. This article shares what they are and how they work. If you’re over 70.5 years old and have an individual ... read more
    Source: Davis Phinney FoundationPublished on 2019-11-04By Melani Dizon
  • Team CPT at the 2019 Ricky Road Run
    The 2019 'Ricky Road Run' took place on Sunday 27 October and saw over 300 runners of all abilities cover the 10 miles of scenic hilly roads and lanes around Rickmansworth and Chorleywood in Hertfordshire. This year The Cure Parkinson's Trust (CPT) were delighted to have a team of 40 runners including CPT's own Will Cook and Rachel Cunniffe taking ... read more
    Source: The Cure Parkinson’s TrustPublished on 2019-11-04
  • Webinar Recording: The Latest Parkinson’s Research and Clinical Trials with Dr. Drew Kern
    In this webinar, Dr. Drew Kern, an Assistant Professor in the Movement Disorders section of the University of Colorado Department of Neurology walks us through the different phases and types of clinical trials, and the latest research being done on medications and interventions to help people live well with Parkinson’s.  Dr. Soania Mathur, a family physician and Davis Phinney Foundation Board ... read more
    Source: Davis Phinney FoundationPublished on 2019-11-02By Melani Dizon
  • Welcome New Members of the Davis Phinney Foundation Board of Directors
    We are pleased to announce two new members to our Board of Directors. Brandon Halcott and Jeff Parr bring their personal missions of helping people live well with Parkinson’s to the Foundation. We look forward to the momentum their strategic leadership will bring in 2020 and beyond.  Brandon Halcott is the co-founder and President of Tru Family Dental, a dental ... read more
    Source: Davis Phinney FoundationPublished on 2019-11-01By Chris DiStefano
  • Team Grant Challenge
    Let’s get 2,500 hours of exercise in November! This month we’re challenging our Team Grant members to log a community-wide total of 2,500 hours of exercise by the end of November. Since the launch of Team Grant in September, you have been setting fitness goals, tracking your exercise, earning badges and making friends with our online community. Now it’s ... read more
    Source: Brian Grant FoundationPublished on 2019-11-01By Iris
  • The 2020 Cure Parkinson’s Cup Tournament
    The very first Cure Parkinson’s Cup is set to take place on 19 April 2020. Players with Parkinson’s of any ability, age or gender are invited to enter this exciting new tournament which is raising money for The Cure Parkinson’s Trust (CPT) and their work to fund potentially life-changing research.  The tournament will be hosted by Worcester Warriors FC at ... read more
    Source: The Cure Parkinson’s TrustPublished on 2019-11-01
  • Morning Glory Muffins
    Thanks to added applesauce these Morning Glory Muffins are butter-free. Better yet, it’s packed with nutrients from fruits, nuts and even a veggie! Flaxseed, whole wheat flour and dried fruit give it extra fiber and will help keep you feeling happy and satisfied throughout the day. Make an extra batch and freeze them to have a nutritious breakfast ready to ... read more
    Source: Brian Grant FoundationPublished on 2019-10-31By Katrina Kahl
  • 7th Annual Sneak Peek Charity Preview Party
    Save the date! The Portland Auto Show Sneak Peek Charity Preview Party presented by Audi Beaverton is coming back on February 19, 2020! Experience a VIP Sneak Peek of 600 of the best production, exotic and concept vehicles 2020 has to offer. Get dressed up and join us for a peek at the Portland International Auto Show the ... read more
    Source: Brian Grant FoundationPublished on 2019-10-31By Katrina Kahl
  • Looking behind the masked face… Depression in Parkinson’s disease
    Depression affects almost half of individuals with Parkinson’s disease (PD) during the course of their disease. Although depression is highly prevalent, it is frequently overlooked. There are several confounding factors hindering the diagnosis. A number of depressive symptoms overlap with motor and cognitive symptoms of PD. These include motor features such as slow movements, stooped posture, lack of facial expression; ... read more
    Source: World Parkinson CongressPublished on 2019-10-31By Murat Emre, M.D.
  • Parkinson’s in the news: October
    From UK comedian Paul Sinha giving his first interview since diagnosis, to a US initiative aiming to make Parkinson’s research more diverse – we’ve rounded up the top Parkinson’s stories from around the world this month FIRE-UP PD Initiative Seeks to Increase Inclusivity in Parkinson’s Research The Michael J Fox Foundation (MJFF), US, and Massachusetts General Hospital, US, are launching ... read more
    Source: Parkinson’s Life EUPublished on 2019-10-31By admin
  • Parkinson’s trial awarded £250,000 by UK Medical Research Council
    Researchers from UK university Imperial College London have been awarded UK £250,000 to trial surgical implants that could reduce the number of falls in patients with Parkinson’s. The funding has been awarded by the Medical Research Council – the body responsible for co-ordinating research in the UK. As part of the trial, the implants will alter nerve activity by sending ... read more
    Source: Parkinson’s Life EUPublished on 2019-10-31By admin
  • Women and Parkinson’s: “We are not just variants of men”
    It is estimated that three million women worldwide are living with Parkinson’s, yet their specific needs and experiences are often ignored. In a new series, launched today, we will be exploring the specific ways the condition affects women – from delayed diagnoses and higher rates of levodopa-related dyskinesia to poorer care and higher rates of depression – and pressing for ... read more
    Source: Parkinson’s Life EUPublished on 2019-10-31By admin
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